intel Feldkirchen | Redesign of the canteen

EventFlex Chair

The modular all-rounder that looks as if it has been cast from a single mould.

Experience ultimate versatility with the EventFlex Chair – the all-round chair created for every occasion! Whether in the canteen, at meetings or at events – this chair combines comfort, style and functionality in one.

With its modern design and high-quality materials, the EventFlex Chair is not only a feast for the eyes, but also extremely hard-wearing. The intelligent design enables easy stacking for space-saving storage and uncomplicated transport.

The adjustable seating position and ergonomic design ensure that you feel comfortable during any activity. Whether dining, working or networking, the EventFlex Chair is always the perfect choice.


Diversity through modularity - the new standard for different areas.
  • Frame made of die-cast aluminium or plastic
  • Shells optionally made of plastic or moulded wood
  • Free combination of shells and frames possible
  • Vertical stacker


  • 162 pieces

Technical details

Plastic shell / Plastic frame
Overall width/depth/height/seating height in cm: 53 cm / 55 cm / 81 cm / 46 cm

Total width/depth/height (approx.): 55 cm / 65 cm / 205 cm

6,5 kg

FlexiFold Table

The new generation folding table.

Discover the revolution of flexibility with the FlexiFold Table – the table that adapts to any situation! This versatile folding table combines innovative functionality with stylish design to meet your needs in any environment.

With its foldable design, it can be set up and taken down effortlessly, and the compact shape makes it easy to store and transport. The high-quality materials not only guarantee durability, but also give the table a modern aesthetic. From conference rooms to cafeterias to outdoor events, the FlexiFold Table is the perfect choice for any occasion.

Experience the freedom of customisation with the FlexiFold Table. Make any space more functional and effortlessly organise events to suit your needs. Flexibility has never been so stylish!


The functional folding table with many intelligent details.
  • Innovative stability system
  • Simple folding mechanism
  • High-quality table top surface
  • Glides for any floor covering
  • Clean design


  • 80 x 120 cm: 15 pieces
  • 80 x 190 cm: 15 pieces

Technical details

HPL board surface / V-shaped table legs
Overall width / length / height in cm: 80 cm x 120/190 cm x 75 cm
For tabletop thickness 20 mm
Length ≥ 160 cm: 95 cm
Length < 160 cm: 107 cm

Vintage Halo

Time travel in style: discover the elegance of the ‚Vintage Halo‘ wall light!

Experience timeless elegance with our „Vintage Halo“ wall light. This masterfully designed light combines the best of the retro look with modern functionality.

The round shape and elegant design add a touch of nostalgia to any room while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The carefully selected materials and high-quality workmanship not only guarantee a touch of the past, but also a long-lasting luminaire that will stand the test of time.

With its soft glow, the „Vintage Halo“ puts every room in the right light and creates a cosy environment. This wall light is more than just a light source, it is a statement of style and class.


A reminiscence of the Art Deco era
  • Satinised brass ring
  • Wired glass pane
  • Industrial look
  • LED light source included


  • 9 pieces

Technical details

Metal, glass

⌀ 30 cm x 9.7 cm